Onion Raita Onion Raita


Onion raita is frequently made in home for biryani or pulav and is very simple. This is the same I make to go with veg biryani, chicken biryani etc. eating more oily food like biryani can cause over heat in body. To maintain the body heat at equilibrium and to avoid digestion problems, curd is used along with onions. It is healthy, tasty and also easy to make. It is everyone’s favorite.


  1. Wash onions under running water
  2. Peel off the skin and rinse them again
  3. Slice or cube them
  4. Wash green chilies and chop them
  5. Wash coriander leaves in a bowl filled with water. Drain them
  6. Add yogurt/curd to bowl. Add salt
  7. Whisk curd to smooth
  8. Add onions and green chilies, coriander leaves to bowl, mix well
  9. Add more curd if needed
  10. Serve onion raita with biryani or pulav

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