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We’re here to help you deal with the challenges that anyone who uses recipes faces.

Troubles with weights and measures

Cups, touches and pinches aren’t helpful measures. Conversions tables offline and online are rather tedious. As any good cook knows there has to be a sense of the quantities of ingredients without having to measure every sprinkle and dash.

Ingredients not available in India

So you need Graham Crackers to make a cheesecake. Well, there are always Digestive biscuits that can be a substitute. But what are the other alternatives? Come on in and we’ll tell you.


You’d like a big piece of pie or several pieces of pie. If you were to order these at a restaurant, you’d have to pay a small fortune. For the price of one piece of pie you can bake an entire pie. And you can eat it with your choice of ice cream flavor as pie a la mode.

Wrong recipes

Haven’t we all faithfully recreated a recipe we found online to find that the final results bear no resemblance to what the recipe promised? So you end up wasting ingredients because the ‘dish’ is inedible. This can be heartbreaking when the ingredients are expensive. Wasting olive oil in the futile quest of making mayonnaise that will never look like and taste like mayonnaise is agonizing.

Incomplete recipes

It’s an open secret that chefs and home cooks leave out ingredients or steps from a recipe when they give them to you. You don’t have an ice cube’s chance in a furnace of coming up with what you wanted. It’s hard to play recipe detective because you don’t have all day to cook one meal.


On weekdays, you need recipes that can be completed in less than thirty minutes and the ingredients shouldn’t be difficult to source. Plus your leftovers need to be incorporated into these recipes. Otherwise your fridge will run out of space and begin to smell.

Unlike in a restaurant, you can’t throw all the leftovers in a pot and make soup. Technically, you could, but who can really stand soups that have mismatched ingredients? The clash of flavors and the refusal of the spices to meet each other halfway are fraught with culinary conflict.

Health hazards

Recipes that tend to err on the quantity of ingredients can be very dangerous. Too much garlic or chilli and you could burn a hole in your mouth and stomach. Recklessness with chillis, even in accordance with a recipe, can have disastrous consequences. You probably have heard of restaurants that make diners who want to attempt chilli based eating contests to sign a waiver.

Cooking also depends on the space you have in your kitchen and outside your house. Even then, deep frying a turkey is a serious fire hazard and shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs.